What should I know about BackFlow Water?


When contaminated or polluted water goes in the wrong direction and flows back toward its source, it is called backflow. This is most often caused by back-siphonage or back-pressure. When the pressure already in the pipes is higher than that which is entering the pipes, then that is called back-pressure. When one of the pipes has negative pressure, it is back-siphonage.


Sewer backflow PreventionWe always work to protect the health of the public at Midwest Plumbing Pros. We have professionals who are very well trained and are capable of assessing your business and/or home in detail to judge if the plumbing will be susceptible to backflow and to help you pick the right backflow assemblies. There are two types of prevention of backflow that all businesses are compelled to have.

There is the external assembly which will prevent cross connection with city water at the business location. The other type is internal and is designed to protect the customer from a dangerous cross connection. To make sure these assemblies are working properly, they should be tested every year.


For commercial properties, all cities require yearly testing for backflow. Midwest Plumbing can perform this testing and will send a reminder that re-certification is due so that your property will always be in accord with local regulations and codes.


The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was created in 1974 by Congress. It was designed to protect Americans health from any contaminates that might be found in the drinking water and to keep existing groundwater from becoming contaminated. In 1986 and 1996, this Act was amended to make it mandatory to have backflow prevention assemblies installed and taken care of at a water service connection. This is the spot where there is a possible danger of cross contamination, which can be a threat to the backflow system of the customer.

Midwest Plumbing Backflow Service

We at Midwest Plumbing are pleased to offer a 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship on all new installations of backflow assemblies.

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You can count on Greenville Utilities to provide you with safe, fresh, clean water. We are dedicated to that goal and committed to your safety. That’s why we want to make sure you know how to prevent backflow.

What is Backflow?
Most of the time water flows “forward” from the water distribution system into your residence. Backflow is the term used to describe the “backward flow” of water. In other words, backflow would occur when water from your home “flows back” into the water supply. Backflow can also be caused when water from a garden hose “flows back” into your home. If water flowing backwards contains hazardous chemicals or bacteria, it can cause an unhealthy or dangerous situation.

How Does It Occur?
Backflow can occur because of something as simple as an ordinary garden hose. As an example, you are washing your car and the phone rings. You leave your garden hose in a bucket of soapy water. While you are on the phone, a water main breaks down the street and the water pressure quickly and momentarily has a significant drop, creating a vacuum. Like sucking on a straw, the vacuum could pull the soapy water into your home’s water system. At the same time, your spouse gets a glass of water from the kitchen faucet. What should be a refreshing drink actually ends up being contaminated by the effects of backflow.http://www.guc.com/backflow



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