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symptoms of a clogged sewer lineYou probably do not pay much attention to your sewer lines. You know that they carry water and waste away from your home to the main sewer lines in Chicago, but once you flush the toilet or turn off the water, you rarely think about them. However, sewer lines can become clogged at the most inopportune times, creating huge messes in your home.

When you have a clogged sewer line in your Chicago home, you need to make sure that you call Midwest Plumbing Pros right away. This way, we can help you get your sewer line unclogged and cleaned out as quickly as possible. We have a great deal of experience with all sorts of situations, so we can deal with whatever you may confront us with.

There are a number of different issues that can cause a sewer line to become blocked or clogged. One of the most common causes is tree roots. Over time, as tree roots grow, they can work their way into your sewer lines and form a tangled web that eventually is thick enough to prevent any waste water from getting

Flushing things down the drain that should not enter the sewers can also cause clogs. For example, paper towels, tampons, and even extra-thick toilet paper can all cause clogs. You need to make sure that you do not let anything enter your sewer lines that will not break down easily.

Once we arrive at your home, we will start to inspect your drains and pipes to identify the source of the problem. In most cases, spotting the clog is fairly easy. Most clogs are fairly shallow and can be cleaned out in a short period of time.

We have all the latest and most powerful equipment so that we can clear out any blockage right away. No clog is too tough for our drain augers! Midwest Plumbing Pros knows that you want to get the water flowing as quickly as possible, so we have invested in these high-quality tools so that we can get the job done right away.

If the clog is so deep that we cannot easily locate it, we may need to use a camera to inspect your sewer line. These cameras are mounted on long cables that we can run into your sewer line. The signal is sent back to us so that we can easily spot the clog. Once we find it, we can get started on clearing it out.

Even after the clog is gone, we can make sure that the same problem does not reoccur. We can give you some simple tips to follow so that you do not experience any more problems with your sewer lines. Schedule an annual inspection so that we can make sure that no clogs are starting to form.

A clogged sewer line can cause a huge mess in your home if you do not get it cleaned out quickly. Call 312-967-4701 right away when you need help.

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