Home Plumbing Tips

Home Plumbing Tips

The plumbing system in your home is made up of two basic systems, bringing water into the home for drinking, washing, and bathing, and taking water out of the home, such as waste water, drainage, and sewage.

So if you look at the plumbing system of your home as the circulatory system, you would be on track in describing what it is and how it works. Most of the time you won’t even think about your home’s plumbing system, until you have a malfunction, and then you will probably have some decisions to make.

If you have absolutely no knowledge about the plumbing system of your home, you will probably be calling the nearest plumber out of your phone listings, when you have a problem. Most of the time people have stopped up or clogged drains, and they are at a loss as to what to do.

In some cases, drains can be unclogged by using drain cleaner that you can purchase at the hardware or home improvement store. If it is just a simple hair and soap clog in the bathroom sink, that might work and it is worth a try. A bathroom sink will accumulate soap, toothpaste and hair in the trap, the part of the pipe below the sink, and most drain cleaner contain caustic materials that will dissolve those items and clear things out.

A sink clog will usually be a gradual evolving of the problem, where the water goes down the drain more slowly each time you run the water. A simple sink snake will also bust through a clog like that and move things on.

Problems with clogs that you cannot fix as readily, can occur farther on down the line, as toilet paper, kids toys, and any number of things can get bottled up in the plumbing lines. With those kinds of clogs, a plumber will have to be summoned.

It is wise for any homeowner to learn how to unclog basic clogs, how to fix the inward parts of toilets, how to install a toilet, and how to attempt to unclog a kitchen sink with a snake. They should also learn how to take apart a trap under a sink and clean it out, which is the problem in many cases.

If, however you have leaky pipes in the basement, or you get serious clogs that defy all manner of attempts to rectify the situation, you may have to call a plumber or a rooter company to use their commercial length power snakes to get the job done. The leaky pipe situation deserves a plumber’s look simply because you are going to be dealing with more of the plumbing system than you really know about. A professional is needed in order to diagnose and correct the problem properly.

Plumbers also replace showers, bathtubs, shower fittings, sink replacements, and overall pipe and drain problems that occur anywhere in your house. If you have any questions or problems that you don’t feel competent in handling yourself, don’t hesitate to call a plumber to get a professional opinion.

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