Sewer Line Backups – Common Causes And Solutions For The Chicago Area

Fixing Your Sewer Drain TileSewage backups in Chicago can occur for a number of reasons to anyone’s home, and they are not any fun at all. When homeowners in the Lawton area report sewage backups, the problem usually stems from one of three causes.

Sewer Clog

In Chicago sewage pipes can clog up just like the other pipes in your home that are used for draining purposes. If you are only noticing a problem in one area, such as in a tub or toilet, then it could just be that the drain for that equipment is clogged only. On the flip side, if your flushing the toilet causes sewage backup in other areas of your home, then there is most likely a sewer blockage in the main line.

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Regular maintenance and proper drain usage can help you keep the sewer clogs away. You can use the following tips to help ensure your main sewer line doesn’t get clogged.

Paper waste like napkins and facial tissues should be put in your trash can not the toilet, as these can easily create clogs in your sewer line.

Your garbage disposal should be treated similarly, with no big amounts of anything being dumped in the disposal because of possible clogs developing.

Grease should never be poured down any drain because it hardens and becomes more solid. Furthermore, it can collect additional debris as it hardens and forms a clog.

Roots From Trees

Sewer backups are also commonly caused by rogue tree roots. There might not even be trees above your sewer line, but nearby trees can be the culprit.

Tree roots can actually break through and grow into your sewer line, which can cause both blockages and leaks, and they can also crush a sewer pipe.

Older homes in the Chicago area sometimes have problems with collapsed or broken sewer line pipes. Clay and iron piping was formerly used for sewer lines back in the day, and while this may sound durable, it breaks down over the years. Therefore, these days, plastic PVC piping is normal for sewers.

Costly Mistake

When you have a clogged drain, don’t simply just go for the over-the-counter formulas for unclogging drains right away. You may think this fix is easy and cheap, but it could cost you. These products contain chemicals that are harsh for your plumbing pipes, and this can turn into a repair situation. Enzymes are used by the professionals, not the harsh chemicals, and the treatments offered by the plumbers are also cost efficient and the best solutions.


It is necessary for a plumber to check out your sewer system for a proper diagnosis of the problem. A professional can use video inspection throughout your sewer line to find the clog or leak. Subsequently, the best and most appropriate solution will be used, and your sewer line will be functioning properly and back to normal once again.

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