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At Midwest Plumbing Pros, we know that lots of basements flood in this area. There doesn’t even have to be a major storm, and some basement flooding problems happen when snow melts or because of other plumbing problems. For many households, the solution to flooding basements is a sump pump.

From time to time, these pumps to have problems. Many of these problems can be repaired and prevented with some very simple maintenance tips. Others may require more extensive repairs or even replacement. In any case, our technicians are ready to visit your home, diagnose the problem, and come up with the quickest and most affordable solution.

Diagnosing Sump Pump Problems

So, what do you do when your sump pump has problems and your basement begins to flood again? We are experts at diagnosing problems with sump pumps and getting them working again to keep Chicago-area basements dry. As a service to customers, we are providing some of the most common issues that we have seen with these pumps.

Plugged Screens

These pumps have small screens that the water flows through. When the screen gets clogged up, the water can’t flow, and the water may back up and flood anyway. This is similar to a problem that some people have with showers when the shower head gets clogged. This is a very common problem, but it is also an easy problem to address.

Switching Issues

Sump pump switching issues could be caused by a number of different things. Sometimes, the only issue is that the pump moved slightly, so the switch got stuck against the basin’s side. Alternatively, the basins may move a bit, so the switch doesn’t work. In other cases, some debris from the flood water gets caught inside the switch.

Diagnosing switch problems usually requires a manual check first. The switch must be clear of debris and connected. Again, very often, this is an easy and fast problem to correct.

Drain Pipes Are Frozen

There is usually a pipe connected to the pump, and this is where the water drains to keep it from causing a flood. Obviously, people who live in a cold climate like ours may have problems with these pipes freezing from time to time if a part of the pipe lies out of the home. It could also happen in an unheated basement, but that is more rare because some heat usually seeps from the home.

If this happens, a stop could get installed. This sends the drainage out another avenue, so it does not get blocked by a froze pipe.

Circuit Breaker Tripped

In the winter, homes may be using more electricity than normal. Too many appliances may create the risk of tripping a breaker, and this is especially true when the pump gets switched on. For this reason, it is usually a good idea to use a dedicated breaker for a pump.

A related problem may happen if the outlet gets wet, and it needs to be protected by grounding. If the outlet gets wet, it may shut off automatically to prevent the risk of mixing water with electricity – which is never a good idea.

Loud Pumps

Typically, loud sump pumps aren’t a problem as far as functioning, but they may get annoying. Of course, the noise is usually much less annoying than a flood basement. There is even a name for this noise, and it’s called “water hammering.” You can have a device called a “quiet check” valve installed on the pump, and this should reduce the noise quite a bit.

Midwest Plumbing Pros Knows Sump Pump Problems

When it comes to issues with sump pumps, our professional plumbers at Midwest Plumbing Pros have probably seen it all. We live and work in Chicago and all over the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Many of us rely upon sump pumps to keep our basements dry and homes protected just like our customers do.

The next time your sump pump has problems, we hope you call upon us to fix your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. It might also be a good idea to call us to check your sump pump before you need it, and this is very important to do before storms and snow make keeping your basement dry a challenge.

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