Tips to Unclog a Sump Pump

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If your sump pump is in good working order it can be an invaluable asset to keep your home safe and dry. It will work efficiently to clear the water from the basement, crawlspace or other low lying areas of your property which could be vulnerable during the wet weather. If your sump pump isn’t working properly it could mean that either the inlet has become plugged or that the outlet pipe is plugged – neither is good.

Here’s what to do if your sump pump needs to be unclogged.

1 – Check over the discharge pipe outlet. Some of these outlets are positioned pretty low to the ground and can become clogged up with dirt, debris, balls, toys, twigs and other stuff.

2 – If your discharge pipe outlet is blocked up then remove the offending article – job done. If not you’ll have to investigate the matter a little further.

3 – The next course of action is to unplug the pump and the float so that it is not connected to the electrical outlet.

4 – Now you can safely remove the basin lid from the sump.

5 – Take a good look at the small area where the water goes into the pump. You may need to use a flashlight or some sort of head lamp to get a good, clear view. If you still can’t get a clear view then you may have to lift the pump from the pit and place it within a bucket or similar in order to keep the floor dry.

6 – Discard any debris which may be blocking up the inlet.

7 – Don’t be afraid to really get stuck in and scoop out all of the dirt, silt and debris from the sump. You may find that dirt is sticking to the sump basin lining too – wipe that out with an old cloth.

8 – Now you can replace the sump pump into the basic being careful that it’s level, in the center and that the sump is firmly resting on the ground.

9 – Plug it back in and keep your fingers crossed.

10 – Now it’s time for the water test. Pour 4 or 5 gallons of water in and see if the float triggers the on/off switch to check whether it is now working efficiently. Then pour in another bucket load of water and see if that’s cleared – if it does then bingo – you’ve done a great job.

11 – Now you can put the lid back on.

Now that you know how to clear unclog a sump pump you’ll never have to worry about a wet basement again.

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