Chicago- Steps To Replace A Hot Water Tank

The first thing that you need to do when you get ready to change a hot water tank is to make sure you have all of the necessary tools. Without the tools at hand you will not be able to properly complete the job effectively, or at all. Make sure you do some research beforehand and get all of the tools required Or Call Midwest Plumbing Pros In Chicago Illinois At 312 967-4701.

The second thing you need to do is to turn off all power to the hot water tank. No matter if you are using gas or electric hot water heater, make sure that both are completely turned off. This will ensure that you aren’t going to have electricity flowing through the lines that could potentially shock you, and if you use a gas hot water tank it will ensure you don’t have any gas flowing out into the air which can be very harmful. If you do not think you can do the second step, then Midwest Plumbing Pros of Chicago would be happy to install your hot water tank.

Disconnecting A Hot Water Heater

The next step is to hook up a water hose to the bottom of the tank. This is to drain out the water from the tank so that you can easily move it out. This is the step where you also need to remove both outlet and inlet nipples from the tank. If you are using a gas heater, then make sure to disconnect the union from the tank.

Now that your tank is completely disconnected from all power and gas (if necessary) then it’s time to get it out of your way. You should completely move it out of the closet where it is stored and make sure that it is not in your way when you put the new one into place.

When you are placing the new hot water tank make sure you have enough room all the way around the tank to reach valves and dials so that you can connect everything back together easily. It is recommended that you have at least 5 to 7 inches all the way around the tank. Also use this same distance to make sure there is nothing that can catch on fire within this small distance to the tank. Once again if you need a Chicago Plumbing Company we can help at Midwest Plumbing Pros. Just call us at 312-967-4701.

You also need to make sure your hot water tank is level to the floor. If it is not, be prepared to find something small to stick under one side in order to make it level. This is an important step because having a level tank makes it work properly.

Next, you should put some tape (preferably Teflon) on both of the inlet and the outlet nipples when you are putting them on the tank. You are going to want to ensure that you connect the cold and hot valves to the correct hoses or it will not work properly. You also need to make sure the arrows are pointing in the correct directions.

Then you need to connect hoses to the water pipes. Once they are connected, turn the water back on so that you can allow the tank to fill up. After it has filled up, you need to make sure everything is connected as it was with the old hot water tank. Once everything is connected, the final step is to make sure there are no leaks. With gas tanks you can do this by using hand soap to check for bubbles for gas leaks. For all hot water tanks, place a towel underneath the water inlets and outlets to ensure there are no water leaks.

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