Dealing With A Leaking Hot Water Heater

It goes without saying that finding out that you are having any sort of issue with your hot water heater is going to be something be worry about. Whenever you find out that you have a leaking hot water heater, it is best that you take a look to see what could be causing the problem. Whether you have a hot water tank that holds 40, 50 or 60 gallons of water, you might start to panic at the mere thought that something could get markedly worse. There are all sorts of lines that are going in an out, fittings have been known to leak or there could be a portion of the tank itself that has been compromised.

Hot Water Unit Maintenance

Fix Your Hot Water Tank

There are a number of different things that you can take into consideration if you start to notice that there is a leak that is developing. If possible, try to trace back the area where the water is coming from to see if it may be trickling from an area that is not in plain sight. Of course, check all of the fittings as well to see if there is any tightening that can be done or even if you can add a sealant to help give more of a snug fit.

Even a brand new water tank with your hot water system can be leaking either due to a defect or something that could have happened during the installation process. If possible, take a look at the manual that came with your hot water heater to see if there is any sort of troubleshooting information that you may be able to use to remedy the problem.

Calling in the professionals might just be the best way to help you fix your leaking hot water heater, however it is always a good idea to check everything out on your own so that you can save yourself some money. In some cases, you may end up getting charged $100 or more for a house call just to find out that there was one fitting that you missed and forgot to tighten all of the way.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of homeowners that will think that their hot water heater is leaking or the tank itself has an issue when there is nothing more than simple condensation. If your tank is filled up with cold water, then the water that you are presuming is a leak is more than likely just condensation.

How old is your hot water heater? You may have older fittings that are starting to corrode. Even if you think that they are tightened all of the way there can still be some issues that will cause a corroded fitting to leak. Depending on the issue with your fittings, you may be able to simply have some of them replaced so that you will have a tighter and more secure fit and bond.

Start by checking out the drain valve to see if there might be any leaking in that area. Next up, look to see if there are leaks that are coming from the pressure relief value. If there are any leaking pipes, you will want to have them addressed as soon as possible. A leaking tank is never good news and you will want to enlist the help of the professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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