The Benefits Of Opting For A Gas Hot Water Heater

In the event that your hot water heater requires replacement and you are confused as to the type of heater you should obtain, you should consider a gas water heater. If you have the facility to switch to this type of heater as you already have gas in your home or it is available in your area, you should obtain information regarding the installation of a gas water heater.

Gas water heaters are known to be more economical than electric versions. They also tend to last longer than their electric counterparts and you may not have to replace it for many years. As far as the costs for usage go, the prices may not differ very much, but this is dependent on the unit charge in your area.

There are a few factors you have to consider before you make the switch to a gas water heater.

The first consideration to make is the recovery rate between electric and gas water heaters. This is the figure which indicates how many temperature degrees a specified amount of water is heated, within a specified period of time. From a user’s perspective, a shorter recovery time allows you to drain your hot water heater completely and return to use it in a shorter space of time. Generally, a gas water heater will have a shorter recovery time than an electric version of equal size. This implies that you could opt for a smaller gas water heater for the same number of people in the house, and not have to offer up any additional time at all. A smaller tank saves money as there is not the requirement to heat huge amounts of water all the time.

Gas HoT Water Heater Tanks – Chicago

The cost of purchase and installation is a factor that should be considered carefully. Gas water heaters are generally more expensive to purchase than electric water heaters. There are, however, gas companies that offer rebates to aid in this price variance. It is recommended that you contact your local gas company and ask if they offer a price reduction.

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Another factor to consider is the placement of a flue close to where you need to place the heater. This will allow the technician to access the flue for ventilation purposes, thereby removing the need to create new ventilation pipes. If you feel that this is an unwarranted cost, you should consider that if you were to change from gas to electric, you would have additional costs for a new double circuit breaker and wiring.

The costs of usage could vary considerably, but this is dependent upon the area you reside in. In most areas within the US, gas costs much less than electricity when it comes to heating water. This figure could be as big as 30% to 40%, depending on the rates of electricity in your residential area. To obtain an accurate assessment of the difference in cost between the two, you can go online and enter estimated usage figures for the calculation.

If you are considering a change in the type of water heater you currently use or you are forced to replace your current heater, you should bear in mind the differences in cost to purchase, install and run the different types of heaters.

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